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Technical information: Material: Polyester Length: 33 cm Width: 22 cm Цвят: Woodland / CP / Black

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SHADOW BBs 0.25g

Technical information: Manufacturer: Individual Group LTD. Caliber: 6 mm Color: White Тolerance: +/- 0.01 mm Weight: 1 kg

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Battery AG13 1.55 V - 1 pcs

Technical information: Manufacturer:   TMI Voltage:   1.55 V Dimensions:   5.4х11.6 mm Price for 1 piece

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Small Tamiya Plug (Mini...

Complete set (male and female connector) Small Tamiya. Price for 1 piece.

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Stalker Type Mask

TECHNICAL INFORMATION:Manufacturer: Ultimate Tactical Weight: 135g Color: green

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Chager B3 Pro

Technical information: Input voltage:   100-240 V Balanced Current Charging:   850 mA Display:   3x LED bikolor (green and red LED) Plug:   EU Dimensions:   90x55x35 mm Color:   Black

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